New BEGO CADPositioners for More Secure Scanning and Matching Results

On the 1st of January 2018, new CADPositioners will be introduced. Additionally, new implant libraries for BEGO Semados implants and a variety of other implant systems will be available. Customers can profit from many benefits.

The metal interface of the new scan bodies ensures an exact positioning in the implant, which leads to significantly higher security - particularly for bridges and bars. Deforming the CADPositioners through an excessively high torque is almost impossible. Additionally, the surface character and geometry of the new CADPositioners guarantee a correct and precise transmission of the implant position in the design software. Due to this, matching errors can be significantly reduced. The new sterilizable and autoclavable scan bodies can be used for model and intra-oral scanning.

The software systems 3Shape* AbutmentDesigner or DentalDesigner or the exocad* software are required for the chageover and the usage of the new scan bodies. The changeover to the new implant library starts from 1st of January, 2018. With your next CADPositioner order it is necessary to install the new Bego library.

In case of any questions about the changeover our BEGO Customer Support team (hotline), which can be reached at +49 421 2028-200, and the sales staff are pleased to provide you advice and assistance.

*This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.