SCIENTIFIC PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. (Sci-Pharm) is a research and manufacturing corporation located in Southern California. In addition to its own broad research program, Sci-Pharm is involved in conducting extensive research and contract manufacturing on behalf of many other dental corporations. Some of the most advanced materials in modern dentistry have been developed at its Pomona plant including, among others, new generation composite restoratives (light- and self-cured); flowable composites; light-curable and no-mix type orthodontic adhesives and cements; novel cavity liners and varnishes; bonding agents and adhesion promoters; pit and fissure sealers; polymeric crown and bridge, and implant cements; teeth whiteners; and numerous accessories.

Sci-Pharm has made a significant contribution to the advancement of dental materials and techniques, and continues its commitment to educating dental professionals regarding new developments in the field and proper selection and use of modern dental products. Members of the research staff have published numerous patents, papers, and books on a broad variety of related topics, and have initiated new trends in the fields of restorative, preventative, and esthetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Sci-Pharm products represent state of the art technology in the field of dental materials. The outstanding qualities of Sci-Pharm products are easily recognized and appreciated by even the most discriminating clinicians, and represent no-compromise formulations whose performance has not been sacrificed for sales gimmicks or lower production costs.

All Sci-Pharm materials are manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485).