Introducing, the New Bego PS BP (Bone Profiler)

Good news to all Sub-Crestal Implant Placers

We are very happy to introduce our new product, the BEGO PS BP (Bone Profiler).

After successful passing of BEGO’s new high level of documentation and qualification standard of new released products, the BEGO PS Bone Profiler is now finally available.

The BEGO PS BP is exclusively designed for implants with the platform switch design.   The tool consists of two pieces to shape the hard tissue/bone for tension free fitting of the implant prosthetic in case the implant shoulder or parts of it is placed subcrestally.

The BEGO PS BP is an optional surgical tool to shape the crestal bone surrounding the implant in the same shape as the design profile for the PS line prosthetic.  The new tool can be used after the healing period when the cover screw is removed, especially when there is bone covering the shoulder of the implant, as this bone can hinder the placement and seating of the abutment.

Here’s how it works -  the guiding pin is screwed with the hexagon screwdriver 1.25 onto the implant.  This acts as a guide for the profiler drill.  The profiler drill will then selectively remove the impinging bone around the shoulder of the implant without damaging the implant or removing too much surrounding bone.  The rotation of the profiler drill will be started with 50 upm max after it is placed over the inserted guiding pin.

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