About Medesy

MEDESY is the story of a family.

MEDESY is the story of a great passion forged in steel.

MEDESY sums up the history of an entire village  which        has been handling and transforming steel for more than        600 years.

At MEDESY fundamental values are passed on from  generation to generation: devotion to work, special    attention to detail, respect and even self-denial, truly necessary  for attaining constant improvements,      these  are indeed our main  drivers.

At MEDESY we all give our best every day, as we  all know that just by giving our best we can satisfy our customers  providing excellent quality products and dedicated service:  we cannot be just good, we must be the best.

If today we are a much larger family it is mainly because  of   your preference.  We feel grateful and proud for your loyalty.

Thank you, and welcome to our family!






• Italian craftsmen

• More than 3.000 high quality instruments

• 600 Years of history and tradition

• 105 Countries presence

• 16 the network of companies which contributeto the realization of the MEDESY instruments




Nowadays MEDESY is firmly present and appreciated in more than 105 international markets for the excellent quality of its products refined in all the details, from a technical point of view and in terms of design.






Every year MEDESY actively participates

in more than 30 international

exhibitions and scientific congresses,

autonomously as MEDESY trademark

or in support of the activity of its precious

partners during national dental events.






These are the core values and pillarswhich define and sustain MEDESY.  Each singleMEDESY product is theessence of this precious heritage.The perfect combination and balanceof these elements are the key factorsenabling us to keep on creating uniqueand original high-quality instruments.The most important asset is our  600 yearstradition: there is no better guaranteefor our customers, perfection of designandsuperior performance are not purechance, but the patient distillation of ourgenerous history and long tradition.